Welcome to our new website dedicated to naturist & nudist Lifestyle video and photography. Enjoy the variety of activities, beatiful people and charming atmosphere...
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How to use this website...

To be able to use all features of this website, please take a couple of minutes and read through following text. You can also have a look at questions & answers section of our website. If there still are some unanswered topics, don't hesitate and contact us. Thanks for your patience.

Sign up!

First things first. And you need to sign up. Without this step,

Just click sign up link and fill out the form. It's easy. Choose your preferred currency and you will see the prices recalculated to your currency. Also select if you come from a EU member country.

After you sign up, click the order videos link, fill in your login name and password and you are ready to go. Please note that your login name and password are both case sensitive.

Log in!

After you log into the system, you notice some changes. First page you see is your order list. Since there are no orders yet, the list will be empty.

page header

You can see your basic personal information in the page header. You can see your name, your address, selected currency and shopping basket summary. This way you will allways have information about status of your shopping basket.

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Go shopping!

Click the any link in video list section of the menu to get to the list of videos we are offering. Choose any title you wish, state the quantity (how many videos do you want) and type of the video (VHS-PAL, VHS-NTSC, DVD-PAL, DVD-NTSC) and click "add to basket" button. Pick any videos wou want. When finished, go on and click "basket / check out" to finish your order.

When you click "basket / check out" link, you will see detailed content of your shopping basket. You can update it's content (delete delete items, recalculate amounts of items, delete all items at once, etc.) now. You can go on with your shopping and add another videos or you can go on with checkout. Select your shipping method and delivery address (only in case you have multiple addresses set up) and click "continue with your order >>>" button. You have a chance to overview your order now, before you make it final. If you find any mistake, get back and fix it... if everything is fine, finish your order!

Status of your order

Whenever you click "orders" link in your menu, you'd get to your list of orders. Orders are sorted by date, you see total amount and various dates and times. Each order has also a small color sign:

  new order - you just placed the order. We did noticed it but because we didn't get your money yet, your order hasn't been accepted yet.
  order accepted - we got your payment (check or cash) and the order is being processed. It may take day or two, before it is shipped to you.
  order sent - the package is already on it's way to you.
  order cancelled - under some circumstances you or we can cancel your order. If you see this mark, your order has been cancelled, please, contact us.

You can look here anytime and you will always see what is going on with your orders!

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